Coaching with Felicia changed my life. She opened my eyes to possibilities and desires beneath my subconscious and helped me to grow as a person. I would recommend her with high regard.
— Ryan DesRoches, CEO Bandha Bars
So it’s kind of amazing to experience coaching with Felicia Guitton. She is so on the ball! Her way is playful, perspicacious and fearless. She skillfully redirected our exploration, taking me out of the usual story lines and script into my own personal metaphor where insight and assimilation are readily available. Potent magic.
— Sophie Pilipczuk. Artist
Felicia has been the most receptive and insightful sounding board for the life-topics I’ve wanted to delve into. She guides you to explore sticking points, walk along a path of self-discovery, and dream up the possibilities. She asks the most amazing questions and allows you to explore “what if?” to its fullest. I fully recommend her coaching to anyone looking to explore the “what if” questions of life.
— Mary-Francis Lynch, Community Developer
I had the pleasure of receiving life coaching from Felicia Guitton recently. She’s fantastic! Felicia quickly and intuitively zeroed in on some of the issues that were blocking my path to happiness and was able to give me some practical tools and exercises to move forward. She scratches beneath the surface to the very root of things, but does so in her own gentle and sweet way. What a gift to have met this woman and to benefit from her wonderful wisdom. Thank you Felicia.
— Donna Marie Gabriel, Documentary Writer
Felicia has helped me to speak my truth and to see others/situations more clearly. I’ve felt more free and that I am living more fully. The work we did together has resulted in me strengthening my loving connections with both myself and others.
— R. Schwartz, Engineer